I’m Andrea Dickerson Founder of IOwnADaycare.com.

I own and operate a childcare business just like you every single day! I love all things childcare. I started caring for children at the tender age of 21 with one goal in mind, To Be The Best In The Industry, and I’ve never looked back!

I stayed true to my passion for educating for children, of which it looked common in my neighborhood, there were over 250 providers in my small town, however the spirit of excellence in business was often over-looked and underserved in my community, but with long hours and determination, I added lots of love, better management systems and I shifted my mind to be Childcare Boss! Making those changes and believing in my dream, I was able to I make a success of my life and business and I am going to help you do the same.

I own a set of franchise-model childcare facilities, I am the CEO and founder of a national coaching firm, IOwnADaycare.com where I provide weekly coaching to over 8000 people every Wednesday, I am blessed to have started a nanny agency that I’ve owned, and operated for the last 10 plus years, I enjoy speaking nationally and internationally on topics such as The Business Of Childcare: It’s A Business Not A Hobby. Yearly I host one of the largest 100 attendee strong conferences titled: Jumpstart Your Childcare Success!

I am a published author and product creator of content that’s geared towards business growth and development. I am a fashion conscience CEO, I bring the brand of ChildCare jewelry, clothing and child care business office goods into the industry, I manage it all with a passion for furthering the childcare mission of others, I created the Jump Start Academy Coaching Program to assist me in helping others build a successful childcare business of their dreams.

I am able to accomplish it all not because of what society says but because I made myself a childcare boss! It’s just that simple, I am a women with a GED, and two years of college prep where I obtained my certifications as a Certified Program Administrator and a Curriculum Specialist. You can say that I am all things childcare! My dreams are even BIGGER! This is just the beginning of doing what I LOVE and Loving what a do! I am on a God-Given assignment to help women all over the world to birth out their chIldcare dreams and to take it to the next level! I would love to work with you too!

@iownadaycare on Instagram