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Would you like to overcome stressful staffing days in childcare? Have you felt as if nothing ever goes right in your business, that there are always these unforeseen challenges? Do you feel as you’ve done all you can do but you still know that somebody is going to affect your plan and cause it not to work out? Do you ever feel like “Everything that I try is worthless because it doesn’t work”? Well, let me speak to your heart and mind today! If you’ve ever thought or felt that way in your childcare business, you’re normal and there is a few action steps you can do to help you mentally get through those times. In today’s blog post you will discover how to overcome stressful days in childcare by Setting Your Intentions! Setting intentions to succeed comes from you developing yourself and mental toughness. Read today’s post and let me know what you think!

Hello There Childcare Boss, this is your coach Andrea Dickerson with, and welcome to today’s blog post.

For me, I can personally say that I know exactly where you are and what you deal with. I can recall about six to three months ago, when I first had this thought of nothing working out in my business, and at the time I was going through so many test and trials, until I had allowed my test and trials to make me think that those things weighed more on my success than it really did.  The reason that I was in a confused state of mind was because I wasn’t setting my intentions to have a good day, but relying on past experiences to dictate my future.

What do I mean by that? I remember getting up early one day on a Saturday and going into my childcare business and getting everything in order, like I remember leaving notes and I was leaving my paper work in order. And I pretty much tried to set it up to where I didn’t need to be there to open up my school that morning. I organized my childcare office request to the point that anybody who opened up my school could read my notes and execute my plan. But in the back of my mind, I remember saying, “I’m so proud of myself for all of the preparation that I’ve put in place.” And then said, “But I know it’s not going to work because it never does.”

And why did I say such negative things to myself about my goals, my dreams and my plans? Because I let my past experiences dictate what today’s experience would be like. Not walking in forgiveness, holding my business and my future to the past was keeping my thoughts in bondage. After that day, I understand and now I know that my thoughts are truly the beginning point to what will set the intention of my day.

So here’s the story! Can you believe that on Monday morning, one of the ladies that I depended on the most really had a bad attitude towards arriving in the center with the notes on the desk requesting what I want to accomplish that day? It was like we literally almost separated and departed ways because she felt overwhelmed by my notes, and she’s never done that before. But, we were able to reconcile and I finally figured out what went wrong. What actually went wrong was my intention for that day. Although I did everything I could do to lay the foundation for my business to be in order and organized, I still didn’t have the right intentions for my day. So, your intentions are what you want to see happening in your business—the response you want from your business and the preparation that you put in place to get those responses. Those are all your intentions. And believe it or not, I set my intentions on the wrong vision.

So, when I realized that everything that I was doing was setting the foundation for how my day would become, I really didn’t want to believe it. I battled within myself, trying to understand how did this daily intentional things really work. And it dawned on me, the reason why everything was going so chaotic in my business, is because I didn’t know which way I was going to believe. I know it’s hard to fathom what’s really going to happen in your business, how things are really going to flow in your business, and if it’s even true or worth it. If you ever find yourself saying, “I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know”, you know what that essentially means? That there’s a war on the inside of you concerning your faith and concerning what you see.

When you make up your mind that you will obtain everything that you put your heart to, and everything that you put your mind to, it helps you alleviate “I don’t know”. To alleviate “I don’t know” from your what you believe in and from what you’re wanting to achieve in your business, you must set your intentions. And the reason why a lot of you say “I don’t know” is because you have seen failure happen so much in your life and in your business, until you haven’t really grabbed a hold of what’s really going to work for you. Now just because you set your intentions on having success in your childcare business and how you want for your childcare business day to flow, it doesn’t mean that it’s going to be perfect every day.

But when you set your intentions, what it does mean is that you choose to believe that whatever you put your mind to you will achieve. Now  I’ve always felt positive about my business, positive about what I wanted to achieve, and positive that I was thinking right, until that day happen.

Until that moment it never occurred to me that I doubted even my own intentions, until that moment came, where I allowed my own thoughts to cause a ricochet reaction of negativity in my business. That’s when I realized that I must set the intention for my life and for my childcare. And in order for me to achieve the breakthrough that I really wanted, I had to choose that setting the intention for my business was what I was going to believe and do, rather than be wavering and say into myself “I don’t know”. So I’m going to give you a few strategies to help you get back on track and to make the right confession. Because we all know that if every day you say “I don’t know” or you’re a bit confused, or you’re not taking authority of your mornings, and of your day, and of the things that you want to see happen in your business, then it’s so easy for your business to go down instead of up.

Step #1: Write your childcare goals and progress for the week. You want to daily write goals, or you want to track your progress for the week. The reason why you want to do those things is because it helps you become a believer of why setting intentions are so important, and it helps you become a believer when things don’t go your way. It proves to you that you’re having times when things have worked out for your good.

Step #2: Create triggers for your day with a calendar for guidance. What do I mean by that? Every day that you wake up you should have an intentional business layout and plan. Your intentional business layout and plan happens when you set triggers for your day, that way you can take back your day. As a childcare boss and CEO, I know exactly what it’s like to be pulled in several different directions and to have so many people pull on you for direction. And it appears as if the things that you set for your day just are so far away, like you’ll never ever get it done or achieve it. I know what it’s like to be a childcare business owner and to feel as if none of your plans or goals that you set for the day you were able to work on. And I’m going to give you the exact reasons on why that happens. That happens only because you haven’t set triggers for your day. Once you set triggers for your day and train those around you about your triggers, it helps remove so many distractions, and it causes your team to work alongside you and not against you.

My FOCUS board keeps me moving Forward in the right direction

For me, I set triggers for every single day of the week. So Tuesday, I know that it’s take-a-look Tuesday, this is the day that I open up all of my bills and I go through my mail. Why, because I have so many mail pieces that if I used every single day to open up mail, I would literally spend 30 minutes to an hour just going through a mail every single day. So I spend one day of 30 minutes to one hour going through the mail and setting things in place, using my task management system and my goal accelerator to help me put order back into my day. This is my way of taking back my day to have a great childcare day.

Step #3: The next strategy is to press your way through to accomplish your goals. And in this industry, you must always be prepared to make a press to achieve your intentions for the day. I know that there are going to be opposing forces to you achieving your day, I know that all too well. So what are opposing forces? Cellphones, internet, social media, staff, callouts, unforeseen maintenance, toilet overrun and toilet won’t flush… So many unforeseen forces can come and try to block you and take you off your day. If you are experiencing where you’re so overwhelmed, you may want to check your team structure and see if it’s time to add new people to your team to help take away some of the overwhelm.

However, by pressing your way through, it is okay to make confessions to say “Nothing is going to stop me from achieving my goals today.” I remember clearly that I came into my business with this idea of what I was going to accomplish, and boy do you know, it seemed like everybody needed my help. Everybody knew my name, and it was like, “Miss Dickerson. Miss Dickerson. Miss Dickerson. Miss Dickerson.” So finally I made a confession out of my mouth that I will accomplish my goals today and I’m not going to let nothing stop me. Why do I have to think and move that way in my business? –because I’m visionary. I’m the person that brings the goals and the vision to pass. And so, if people are going to get excited about my vision with me, I must keep my vision alive and keep it moving forward by taking control of my day, by pressing my way through to accomplishing my goals.

My next power movement that I make to have an intentional day is to listen to something positive, something that’s faith-building and works that motivate me to succeed. You know my thoughts have enough negativity all by itself. So because of my thoughts being reconditioned at this point in my life, it is so important for me to listen to words of motivation, words of information, and words that inspire so that I can keep track and move forward in my business with positiveness and focused. When you start your day off with listening to music or words of inspiration, it would definitely cause you to think differently about your day, and it will keep you positive while you approach everything that comes at you throughout your day. Now I’m speaking from experience of owning and operating a very busy childcare program, that these things that I tell you are true and accurate.

And if you apply them in your life, you will see a major turnaround. I want to admonish you to move forward with setting intentions for your childcare day. There is a way that you can have a great day. There is a way that you can stay focused and achieve your goals and dreams no matter what happens. But it all stands from you setting your intentions to have a great day. Well, I hope that I said something today that has caused you to address how you’re feeling on the inside, and has caused you to think bigger about achieving your childcare goals and dreams. Don’t forget that we’re going from “I don’t know” to setting intentions so that you will know exactly everything that you want to see come to pass in your life and in your business. Well, this is your coach Andrea Dickerson with, encouraging you to set your intentions to have a great childcare business day. Let me know your thoughts on today’s blog post! Leave your comments below.