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Daycare Shopping Spree Target Versus Walmart For Dramatic Play Area

Just recently, I did a video to talk about my 1-year-old classroom and materials that I found on Amazon, and also my shopping spree of Wal-Mart for my  1-year-old classroom and the products I purchased was amazing.

And then I wanted to continue upgrading materials in my classrooms, so I decided to go to Target. This time around, I wanted to upgrade my preschool classroom and my toddler 2 class, and I was looking for the right materials that would work for long term keeps and for preschool learning.

When I got into Target, I found some of the most phenomenal quality pieces. See, one of the major brands that I love and that I found that’s located at Target are the Melissa and Doug brands. Oh my gosh I love their puzzles! They’re like the right size for early childhood care and education. Not only that,  I also found music pieces by Melissa and Doug. And so I got the drum, and I also recommend a lot of these other musical pieces that I found located at Target.

And by me purchasing these items, my shelves filled out really quickly, but at an affordable cost.

Melissa and Doug, they know early childhood so well, it’s like everything they provide is perfect. They carry some of the best dramatic play products ever. I took and upgraded my dramatic area where we have the cars and trucks, and we call that the block area.

Now for my 2-year-old classroom, I just really love Wonder Wheels! Wonder wheels carry some of the best trucks and cars that are simple but yet what 2-year-olds need. There are no bells and whistles; it’s not battery-operated. It’s the push and pull that 2-year-olds enjoy.

I also found that the puzzles located at Target really set the bar for what we need especially with the large peg puzzles and the manips PLUS they have puzzles that include  buckles, zippers, and shoestring ties! Honestly, I believe that Target is a great shopping place for childcare business owners because I have found a better place to come and get themed items for my classroom when I need items on the go.

Alright you guys, be sure to watch my video of my sneak peek behind my Target shopping spree and all of these items are brought to you by Target. So find your local Target and spruce up your child care program. You will be so glad you did. Leave your comments below about your classroom and what you’d like to say about today’s blog!