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How to ignite your staff to go to the next level in your childcare business.

Just recently, I had the opportunity to host a childcare training course for back-to-school. It was really great to be able to see the smiles on my staff’s faces and to be able to spark them with the new vision for this year. I believe that every childcare program must work , teach and train their staff using a vision to accomplish their desired hopes and dreams. My vision for my childcare program this year was for my team to become the best of the bunch. I knew that by me pulling this theme, it would give my marketing team, administrative, and my teaching team something to strive for  and to help our childcare program have really big wins this year!

Best of The Bunch

Start With A Planning Theme

Every year we pull a theme so we can thrive. This year my theme really hit home with my team. Our theme was becoming the best of the bunch. I truly believe that my staff is the best of the bunch, and you have to have a mindset for doing a theme for your staff meetings in order for your message to stick with them and for them to truly grasp the full concept of where you want them to go and becoming the team you want them to become.

Go Above and Beyond The Norm

During my staff meetings, I always like to begin with some kind of lunch or brunch for my team. Feeding your team can bring about a significant change in them listening and paying attention to what you have to say. It’s pretty much like the law of nature to tend to the human side of the person in order for you to get them to tune into the business side of your childcare program. After beginning with breakfast or lunch, I then open up with some type of ice breaker to get the team involved with everything that we’re saying.


Serving Brunch
Serving Brunch
Andrea's Best of The Bunch Brunch
Andrea’s Best of The Bunch Brunch

We opened up with a really fun game, just like what you use at the baby shower. We handed everyone pins, and you couldn’t say words such as children, kids, parents, mom, or dad. You would not believe how much fun it was to watch my team say, “Give me that pin.

Using Visuals To Accomplish Your Goals With Your Staff

We then went into the process of using our Aquos Board to give a visual of where we’re headed. I believe that it’s important to use visual tools for leading and guiding your team towards accomplishing your quarterly tasks.

My Aquos Board
My Aquos Board

I also utilize my classroom planner as a way to let me team know what we are working on, and I utilize the quarterly staff organizer as a way for me to lead my team during staff meetings. Using these tools act as visuals for my team to help them to help me to accomplish our curriculum agenda during the quarter plus it helps  with what we’re expecting of them to accomplish in the classrooms.
The Staff Organizer

In addition to using the Aquos Board,  we also use curriculum vision planners so that my team can have the vision of what I’m expecting them to accomplish in the classroom. I give them choices of choosing at least five of the activities to accomplish every single week in their classrooms. I provide enough activities for them so that it can enhance the curriculum and the activities the children are exposed to in a classroom.

Preparing For Your Staff Meetings 

One of the key factors to my training, is the time that I put into preparing for my training. I usually sit and think about what I want my staff to know and obtain while working with me. One of the ways of setting the atmosphere is setting their placement area. On the table, I provide my team with a notebook, a sharpie pen, workbook and some treats. I also give them little reminders from the meeting like cups, shirts, or bags that they can use in their classroom. I believe that giving your staff the tools that they need to empower them to succeed is a must. Not only am I giving them tools, cups, and shirts, but I also provide my team with the quarterly agenda so that they can get things done in a fashion that’s acceptable.

Childcare Staff Training Center
Childcare Staff Training Center



For instance, inside of our quarterly agenda, my team has a place to take notes as to what we’re discussing during the meeting.Before each meeting I spend about 10 minutes going through the quarterly agenda with my staff teaching them how to use  their staff organizer/quarterly agenda for planning their learning boards, curriculum activities, and how to stay focused with the company objective. In order for them to stay focused, I first must plan. To do so I use my own staff organizer as a tool for me to plan it out and meet with my team through my director, who repeats what I train her to look for in the classrooms or what I train her on to teach the team. So far, this system has worked very well for a busy entrepreneur like myself.

I believe that every childcare business owner must invest in space that can be used or converted into a training center. Having your childcare space usable for a training center can be done; you’ll just have to put the time into it. It’s necessary because it gives you the opportunity to take them out of the classroom and to give them the skills that they need to be successful.

Childcare Staff Training Center
Childcare Staff Training Center


Our back-to -school training was phenomenal and just to see all of my staff members excited and motivated to continue to move up with our goals and our vision is worth all of the planning!

My childcare team
My childcare team