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Andrea Dickerson, Childcare Entrepreneur and Coach

Oh how I love Celebrations and parties! I’m a big believer in celebrating others and giving them more than they could ask for. I love making people feel good and fantabulous! When it comes to celebrating others at my childcare center, I do it BIG! No matter what the occasion is, I dress up, show up, work hard, and do it BIG! Doing it BIG doesn’t have to cost a lot it just takes an eye for flatter and splendor! I love BIG therefore; I look for BIG things and for colors that I love! My favorite colors are yellow, orange, red, and green and black, so I’m attracted to them everywhere I go.

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Flowers are a great way to add color to your childcare center.

Flowers have always been my cup of tea and when I found these perfect harvest long stem flowers, I got so excited! I bought the full container for less than $20 for 10 long stems, I furnished both my child care centers with a fall festival touch by adding these beautiful flower pieces. To really set it off I stopped by my Dad’s thrift store and found the right stands for $5 dollars each, and out the door I went!

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Do the unexpected at your events. Be creative with your food display.

I’ve found that doing the little things means so much to parents. Celebrate the parents of your childcare business whenever you can. Celebrations don’t really have to cost you much some times it just takes creativity. My center director of Akeba Academy created this Watermelon Fruit Bowl and it was less than $15.00 to make. My grand parents loved it! Some of our best celebrations happen when we are on a tight budget. Having an amount that you want to spend towards a celebration will allow you to hone in on your skills for creativity.

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Grandmother enjoying Grandparents Day celebration.

Develop your love celebrations, it makes caring for our parents in your own unique and special way so easy. During every celebration, be sure to capture the moment! Include all of who you are in your business! Creating an environment where parents can expect beauty and luxury is a great way to brand you.


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