When Doing Anything To Advance Your Business Do It With A Goal In Mind!

Coach Andrea Dickerson Excited and Engaging with Parents
Coach Andrea Dickerson Excited and Engaging with Parents


One of the reason why I love to host the www.BuildItBigConference.com is because it’s the only time where I can talk freely about how childcare business owners can build a bigger and better childcare business. I’ve heard it from so many childcare owners that they are not having any results from marketing or that they are too shy to market their childcare business. During our time together November 13-14 2015 I am going to help change the lives of childcare owners, when you attend you will discover how to easily and effortlessly market your business and get results!

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Did you know that there are fun and effective ways to marketing your childcare business on a budget?

Your budget can be a little as $100 dollars but when you add creativity it can look as if you’ve spent hundreds of dollars. I few months ago,  I received an invite from a business man in my community  that I met at an networking event, he came to The Rock and asked if I wanted to give a donation to his cause, the donation covered the cost a booth rental. I agreed and paid less than $200 dollars to have a booth and banner for my business. Having this kind of access at a “Child Focus” event was exactly what I needed. I made the investment immediately because I know that it can cost me up to $500 or more every month to attract  new clients into my childcare business.

To prepare for the event I had to create a plan for how I wanted the table to look and the results that I wanted from the table. I wanted a CHILD-FRIENDLY attractive spot that children would love and a way for PARENTS TO SIGN UP so that I could have names, numbers, emails and addresses to stay in touch with my marketing process.My Table Booth Was Set Up With loads Of candy..Very expensive to do!

My Vendor’s Table Was Set Up With Loads Of Candy and it was Very Inexpensive To Set Up!


Step #1 Decide your theme. I love selecting a theme first. It helps me to make selections for what to buy and where to buy items from and to keep me from wasting money.

Step #2 Decide your decor. If you’re less than creative, find a friend of yours that is great with party planning, decor and creative with set ups.

Step #3 Prepare To Market- Marketing a special sign up that parent’s can’t refuse was my objective for this booth! It’s  true, you don’t want to focus on how your booth looks until you have a plan for Childcare PROFITS.  Several parents are looking for quality and not just price but my strategy was price so that I could offer them a deal that would cause immediate interest! To accomplish this I created my Kiddie Packs. If you haven’t noticed, I love marketing with my Kiddie Packs! Why? Because children love them!

I discovered How To Market On A Shoe String Budget. But It Bring In BIG Impressions!
Your Coach, Andrea Dickerson,  Discovered How To Market On A Shoe String Budget. But With A Big Impact To Bring In BIG Business!

Kiddie Packs are my all new IDEA that I started as a way to market inexpensive and to offer children a usable promotional item. Using my kiddie packs provided me with with the strategy for marketing for less than $100. My kiddie packs include:

3- Bags of Lays Mini Chips $6.95 Each Bag

10- 6-Pack of Lance Lemon Cookies $1.00 Each Pack

50 Postcards- From Vista Print $10.00

My Total $40.85

Step #4  Memorize What You’re Going To Say To Potential Clients and Children.  I prepared my talk before I arrived! I had a script memorized so that I could interact with children and parents without being fearful or folding under pressure. Preparing this way will help you get rid of being shy and preparation will  keep you from talking off the top of your mind by saying anything that comes first but you’re prepared and when parents see confidence it wins every time over being shy und unprepared.

Step#5  Market With A Purpose. Use your “Prospect Book” to gather their information or a sign up forms. Be clever when asking parents for their information. Once you gather the information followup within 24-48 hours with your marketing systems.

Using My Prospecting System To Encourage Parents To Sign Up
Using My Prospecting System To Encourage Parents To Sign Up
Parents Signing Up At My KidsFest Booth
Parents Signing Up At My KidsFest Booth

Step #4  Make Your Table Exhibit Fun and Interactive For Children- I understand that the key for folks to remember you is to making a heart felt impression on their lives. Therefore to make my impression, I always bring out my FUN toys and I have a blast with the children. I bought out my games for the children to play and have a good time with me and other children.

Creating A Time For Children To Engage With BIG Toys!
Creating A Time For Children To Engage With BIG Toys!

KidsFest2I am very proud of this booth! It’s a great way to engage children and parents for less. All of these times can be purchased at your local dollar tree and party center. It doesn’t cost a lot to make a great first impression. I always reference back to my 30 Days To Profit Kit to be sure that I have covered all basis when hosting live events for parents and children. The 30 Days to Profit kit is full of my money making, enrollment building ideas and strategies! I’ll use this kit during the Build It Big Conference as well. I look forward to seeing you there! Let me know what you thought about this blog post by leaving your comments below and be sure to share it on your social media pages!

Much Love!

Andrea Dickerson