Andrea’s Preschool Graduation Cake For Akeba 2017

What a great 2017 preschool graduation program! Words can not express how thankful I am for the vision and wherewithal to make it happen. Hosting this preschool graduation means a lot to me because of the the staffing concerns that I endured to accomplish it. Right before this preschool graduation I found myself without 4 of the leaders of my company and being a host of my Jumpstart My Childcare Tour Stop. It all felt so surreal. To host a conference in Miami then the next day to pull off the largest preschool graduation of my history was such a big undertaking but I am ever so grateful unto The Lord for strength, vision and the staff that did remain. Hosting anything requires proper preparation and with new teachers and me being busy with several events back to back I have come to a conclusion that there isn’t anything that you can’t do when you put your mind to it. I am ever so thankful because I can remember the year when both of my preschool teachers quit 2 months before the preschool graduation and I had to cancel the program but this year we availed with great success!

Andrea setting up the table at Akeba Academy’s Annual Preschool Graduation

What Sets Me Apart From Other Childcare Programs?

At Akeba Academy, my classrooms aren’t large enough to hold the parents and friends that attend the program so yearly I rent an auditorium or I use a church. I can remember over the years how I would rent my church and  every year the AC would stop working while hosting the event. LOL! I was like seriously? But over time I have used other buildings to help me accomplish my graduation program and accommodate over 150 people.

The Stage Where The Children Walked!

Using My Preschool Bulletin/Program To Market My Childcare

Parents enjoy keeping the small token of appreciation from their child’s preschool ceremony and with that in mind I make sure that I use each item as a marketing piece to refer others to enroll in my childcare program. Even if it’s not an instant enrollment, word of mouth is the key to hosting events that are rememberable.

Marketing Akeba Academy with a Preschool Bulletin/Program

Food Setup and Creative Platters

I can remember the times when my preschool graduations were much smaller and we could prepare the food ourselves but now there’s certainly too many folks to prepare a meal for, furthermore, we now have items catered in from various vendors. I used my theme of apples as the platters to hold the food! It was creative and the apple platters were deep enough to carry loads of food!

Akeba Academy Food Table Set Up

Providing Goodie Bags and Balloons That Mean So Much More!

Akeba Academy’s Preschool Balloons and Goodie Bags

I had to purchase the balloons and have them shipped in about 5 weeks before the preschool graduation because these are custom balloons that require set up and ordering in advance.

Congrats Grad Ballons

Another Trinket That’s A Great Take Home Gift That Falls Along With My Preschool Theme, Apple Filled Candy Containers

Akeba Academy Apple Give Away

Cake Pops For The Parents That Were In A Hurry

Just from experience I have learned that some parents don’t have time to stay back and eat with us, therefore we accommodate them by putting food in to-go boxes and also giving them our apple cake pops so that we put as much in their hands while they are walking out the door.

Sorry, you guys this was the only pic that I had.

The Balloon Release

Each year it is a custom act for me to release balloons into the  sky as a symbol of me  releasing the graduates and their school term and it’s also a time for me to open up my mind and preschool program for what the next year holds.

Andrea Dickerson Performing The Balloon Release For 2017 ‘Akeba Academy Preschool Graduates