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Creating memories for your staff, students and parents is a must-do in the early childhood industry, especially if you want to make a lasting impression on the life of a child. Yearly I host a themed preschool graduation for about 16 or more students and my job is to make it as impressive as possible. Planning for such a big event is my way of blessing the children to move forward in their years to becoming achievers.

One of the biggest challenges that I conquer each year is planning for a creative preschool cake!

My preschool cakes are the signature piece of my theme and decor! 

Best Of The Bunch Preschool Theme

Of course my cakes are home made by my baker, Renae Peeples, she’s been apart of my preschool graduation team for the last 4 years. Each year we work together to create a cake that speaks volumes about our theme and plus they are delicious!

To begin I start thinking about my theme for the year: My themes are used for the decor ideas throughout the full program.  When I thought about “Best Of The Bunch” I thought about a bunch of apples. Apples just happen to be my branded logo as well so I thought that it would really be a great feature to move forward with.

Graduation Cake Theme

#2  Decorate your cake with images that are meaningful and that speak for the work that the children have done throughout the year. For us we used paper, pencils, crayons, and books. Our preschool year was full of learning and fun!

Choose Cake Decor that speaks for the work that the children did throughout the year

#3 Choose your theme colors wisely and use them on your cake. Can you guess what our colors were? Red, Yellow, Blue and Green, White and Black. We used the theme colors throughout the full preschool graduation, having my colors already selected made choosing items to pop my cake such an easy selection.

Your preschool graduation cake can be your program highlight and talk of town. It’s an eye-popping way of having people market your childcare business for you though word of mouth when they can see such a beautiful cake that has a child like meaning.  Hosting events such as a preschool graduation is worth the investment. It allows parents to see your creative ability and settle more within your childcare program.

P.S. You don’t need to have a preschool graduation to make a cake popping statement. Any event that you host can be accompanied with a cake that sparks conversation!

Andrea’s Preschool Graduation Cake For Akeba 2017