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Now that the tough, cold, winter and fall days are far behind us, or they are in the process of getting far behind us, I definitely want to encourage and admonish you to bring spring into your life and business. Whenever springtime comes, it brings about new opportunities, new growth, new reasons to be excited and happy about the future. And I want to show you how to set the tone for happiness and new beginnings in your childcare program. Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to help childcare business owners improve their image, both for their business and for themselves.

As I always say, image is very important. It’s important because your image basically speaks to the mind of others, and it encourages them on the thoughts to think towards you. And we want for your childcare lobby and sign in area to speak for you. It’s time for your Spring Time Maker Over! 

In today’s blog, I’m going to list little things that you can do to inspire and motivate the people that come into your business every single day and they’ll drop their children off to you every single day. Doing these 7 tips will motivate you get started with your Spring Time Makeover!

Step Number One: The first thing I want to talk about is key number one: how to freshen up your sign-in area. If you not have created a daily cleanup routine for your front desk and signing area, this will be key to you be enable to freshen it up. Every single day you want to have your sign in area set as a task for someone in your childcare business to be responsible for cleaning and dusting the area.

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Cleaning and dusting the area is key to having it fresh and inviting. One of the purposes of cleaning and dusting every single day at your front area is because your front doors will open and close approximately 200 times per day according to your capacity. With so much traffic in your front desk and signing area, it is sure to build up with dust, bacteria, dirt, paper, clutter, and a disarray of things. So to keep your lobby and sign-in area fresh and clean, just make sure that you have assistant for the basics of keeping it dusted and clean.

Step number two: Remove all old tape, and stickies, and notices from off the doors, walls, and from display cases. I know far too well of how it’s so important to get messages over to parents. And in our arena of childcare, most parents need to have it right on the door when they’re walking in as a friendly reminder. So to freshen up your lobby area, consider removing all notices that are a month or more older and also deep clean your windows to remove all old tape, sticky residue from the windows. By doing so, it freshens up the visuals of your childcare program.

Step number three: Look into updating your posted notices with springtime templates. You can go to your local Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, Staples-Office depot, and look for pre-printed paper. Pre-printed paper may have flowers, sunshine, eye candy, glitz and glam that parents will notice when they walk in to your front desk area. So try removing your plain old blah, blah, blah notices, and replace them with paper that has been pre-printed with your message on it, it’s sure to attract more visual alert.

Step number four: Freshen up your sign-in and lobby area with new spring flower pens for your parents to use. Have you noticed how fast pens can walk out the door, especially if you’re utilizing the traditional sign in and sign out process? I can remember all too well how my pens will come and go so quickly when I know I just placed 30 to 40 of them out on the desk. So then I had this aha moment. My aha moment was to create flower pens with big flowers on the end area easer to keep up with. When I first did my flower pen, my flowers were a lot smaller and they still would walk out the door. But then my all-new business administrator came in and she purchased these really big beautiful spring-like flowers. And do you know that those flowers has remained at the front desk and they haven’t gone out the door? It’s all because the flowers were big enough and too obvious to walk out the door or walk into the classrooms without being recognized.

Number five: Enhance your parent boards that are on your walls in your lobby area. Most State Regulations require that we have posted notices in our lobby area for parents. And of course, several of you are jazzy so I know it’s the basic that the state would ask for. However, try my idea of using floral border on your parent boards, and using paper that match your brand but yet brings in a springtime feel in your classrooms and in your lobby area. You can find awesome border line by logging on to If you haven’t created a welcome board, you can begin. And I found some of the best treasures for my welcome board located at the Dollar Tree in my area. We have about four locations so I take a Saturday, and I breeze through the aisles to find the items that I believe will specifically speak to my parents. And I utilize it sparingly with other items of better quality so that I can have a mixture and it still looks wealthy in my business.

The next one: add some flower pots by your front doors of your business with artificial flowers. Do you know that flowers make a person smile? So in order to have smiley faces of happy people walking through your doors of your childcare business, let’s upgrade your front doors with flower pots, and let the flower pots be raised off the ground and sit them next to your door, one on each side with beautiful spring artificial flowers for low keep and low maintenance. But make it as though it’s beautiful and relevant with lots and lots of flower pieces. You can develop your own flower pots with artificial flowers from your local Dollar Store. Or, if you’re even more budget-friendly, start looking at your Michael’s, and Joann’s, and Home Goods, and different places for artificial flowers that are on sale but better quality, that looked more real and authentic. You can even go as far as putting in potting soil with your artificial flowers so that you can have a more realistic look. Now your flower pots, I recommend that you try Lowes or Home Depot, and get the ones that are big, and tall, and will sit up off the ground. Doing this will raise the parent awareness of gratification and happiness.

Next, Spring clean your front desk area and clean out all of your vents. Clean your windows, your doors, remove all clutter from your space. Set it out where visually is appealing to parents. Next, open up your doors for an hour a day to let fresh air in, and it will also cause your building to air out, and that’s so important during the springtime. You want to consider for your next one rearranging your front desk area. If you have a front desk area and there’s so much clutter and things seem so mundane, try rearranging a few things. Maybe adding a chair with a pillow, or adding color to your front desk. Hey, we’re in a daycare business, you can wrap it with bulletin and board paper. On visual aesthetics, you can paint your front desk a beautiful brand color. Whatever it is, try to move quickly away from colors that are mundane and dull. If you’ve had your front desk and it’s brown and you haven’t updated it with furniture polish or it can be painted, consider using some paint to freshen up your front desk area. And then to pull it all together, add a colorful rug. You know, rugs in a setting that reminds you of a doctor’s office really helps you the purpose of your existence?

For example, I’ve seen it all my life of being a coach where we overlooked the front lobby. But your front lobby is an inviting place for families and children, and you want it to speak childcare right away. Not a doctor’s office, not a patient office, not a waiting room, but you want it to resemble a place of a child-friendly environment that’s open and inviting for children to come and have a time of enrolling in your program, and for parents to come and feel comfortable doing the enrollment process. So adding live plants a colorful rug, or even some children play activities to your front desk will definitely help speak to your purpose of being in business in the childcare arena. So these are my ideas for a fresh spring makeover and my tips for how to improve your lobby and signing area for the spring. Let me know what you thought about today’s blog, I definitely want to hear your thoughts. Send me some photos to the link below so that I’ll know what you did to improve your lobby area.