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Unleash Your Profit Maker Style

Hey everybody! This is your coach Andrea Dickerson with and welcome to

In today’s blog you will discover “How To Unleash Your Profit Maker Style” in your child-care business.

I’m really excited because I want to give you some of my proven secrets that I’ve used in my life, to help me create the profits that I want in my child-care business. And believe it or not, my profits were never generated from what I know, but it was generated by the image that I projected to people.

Believe it or not, your image attracting is people to you, or your image is keeping people from doing business with you.

#1 Your Image Will Help Others Determine How To Treat You

Did you know that if you wake up every single day, expecting new results in your business that you have to dress for success, you have to go into your business ready to impress.  I used to go into my business all tired and I look tired because of all the work I had to do with my location, but then I begin to have a mindset shift. And I said, “You know what, I want to go into my business excited, bright, cheerful. I want to go into my business looking like a boss.” And so I begin to make some changes in my life because I understood that my appearance is what attracts money to me. And so in order for me to make a profit that I really wanted in my business, I had to change my image. If you want for money to be attracted to you then you must improve your image.

To Begin: I began to wear jewelry that was all about my child-care business. And so, if you follow me on social media, Facebook, Instagram, whatever outlet you do, you will notice that I’m always wearing jewelry that talks about child-care business either it says Childcare Boss, or it says I love My Daycare, I love Childcare or just a long necklace with the apple and I call it my Golden Apple Necklace. And you guys can go on to and get those products.

Wearing my custom jewelry line started increasing random conversations with passerby’s and it caused them to me questions. Those questions ended in me seeing results in my enrollment due to the fact that my image was on another level. And not only that, but I wore the custom jewelry because it helped me market my business by provoking them to inquire. That proved to me that your image is what will tell others about your professionalism. So if you’re interested in getting ‘I Love My Daycare’, ‘Childcare Boss’ or the Golden Apple necklace, be sure to log on to

It is not wise to wear a slogan or brand identity that says your childcare program, but you look as if you’re tired.

Wearing your childcare brand shirts or t-shirts while being unaware of your image and disposition will send the wrong message. You’ll look as if you’re just a worker and you’re worn down. When you wear your branded material, you want it to be exciting and a refreshing look. You don’t want anything bleached or dingy because all of that really speaks to your profits.

Look Your Best Because First Impression Is Key

Don’t ever get caught in a store and you are dressed in scrubs. Don’t ever allow anyone to come to your business and you are dressed in scrubs. Make it your intention to increase your life by putting on your profit maker style, there’s nothing wrong with looking beautiful, and looking professional, and looking appropriate for your industry.

So many people put child-care down as if it’s a hobby. It’s not a hobby; it’s a multimillion-dollar industry. And so if you want to have multimillion-dollars and you want to look like a multimillion-dollar owner, because you are who you attract. So if you are dressing yourself up every day, going out your door looking like a boss every day, then you’re going to attract people with that same mindset. You want to look your very best because first impressions are key.

Now for me personally, I’d go into my business dressed every single day. And then on Fridays I do my dress down with my jeans and business logo T-Shirt. But during the week, it’s very professional, and I even go into my business with heels. But in the midst of all of that, you definitely want to know that it’s okay for you to have an office day and for your office day to be in your heels. That is okay. That is all about being a child-care boss. So listen, don’t get it wrong. Child-care is not work, it is a labor of love. And if you’re going to make profits from what you love, then you want to definitely have an image that says ‘I Love My Daycare’, ‘I Love Childcare”. And just because I love it, it doesn’t mean that I have to look as if I’m tired, I’m working, I’m teaching, I’m in the classroom, I’m the cook, I’m the driver. It doesn’t mean so.  Get My FREE download to help you define your profit maker style. To Get the Form Click HERE.

The reason why I want you to download the FREE Worksheet is because I want you to look at everything that’s going in your life, everything that’s going on around you, and ask yourself, “Do I really have a profit maker style? Do I really have a profit maker vision?”

Then the next one is: Ask yourself. Go to the mirror and look at your hair, and say to yourself, “What does my hair look like?” Then ask yourself, “What does my nails look like?” Do your nails look as if you are well-kept, or do you have one nail missing?

Do whatever you’ve got to do to make sure you look your very best. And then you want to ask yourself, “What type of outfit am I wearing in today?” Take a look at yourself, does your outfit project professionalism? Does it project success? Does it project profits, money, increase? Because can’t be afraid to have increase in your life. Don’t be afraid to say you make money for your industry. Never ever be ashamed of your ambitions, go for with everything that’s in you. And then look at your accessories. Your accessories speak for you. Can someone look at you and have the thoughts to say, “Do you own a daycare?” or “Are you a daycare owner?” or “Are you a child-care boss?” Whatever it is, wear your brand and wear it with pride. And so, those are the things that I want to share with you today. I want you to ask yourselves those questions. I want you to begin to see yourself on another level in your life and in your business by unleashing your profit maker style. It’s in you to be successful. It’s in you to look successful, and you could do it in one simple step.

The first step is to get the jewelry line. This is the only jewelry of its type in the world that speaks to the child-care industry. So the first one is ‘I Love My Daycare’, the next one is ‘I Love Childcare’, and then the next one is ‘Childcare Boss’, and then we have the golden apple. And so, I want for you to take a look at and get your full kit today of all the jewelry, and I love you guys. Stay committed to unleashing your profit maker style. You are going to see a big difference in the people that you attract, because your image is what helped others to determine your level of success and professionalism in the child-care industry.

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