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Introducing my all-new office upgrade using Kate Spaded designs as inspiration.

Inspiration From My Handbag
Inspiration From My Handbag

It’s so important that when you begin your process to upgrading your life and your business that you look to your interests for inspiration. My interest at this point in my life for inspiration was Betsy Johnson and Kate Spade. I would walk into the stores, and I just loved their designs. I love their handbags, their office goods, their jewelry – all things Betsy Johnson and Kate Spade. It truly inspired me to want to bring that part of inspiration into my surroundings.

I decided to bring the Kate Spade upgrade into my office. To begin my journey, I remember going out of town on my anniversary vacation and walking into a TJ Maxx. When I walked in, I saw this lovely Kate Spade bag. It was regularly $300, but in TJ Maxx, it was less than half price.

I picked up the bag, and I said, “Wow! This is my favorite color. I really want this bag.” As I began to pick up the bag, I felt inspired. I felt motivated to make changes even in my office. As you read today’s blog post, I’m going to talk to you about how I began to upgrade my office and operate more as a childcare boss in my business by having a space that spoke that I was the boss.

Having a luxurious space or an area in your office that signifies luxury is so important for your self-esteem, for the energy that you put into your business, and also for the results that you’re going to see. No matter what you say or believe, having an organized office space truly feeds your monetary increase, the respect that others will have for you, and the clarity and peace of mind that you have in your business.

Remember that your environment and your surroundings speak a lot for what’s going on inside of you. For instance, if you walked into your office right now and it was busy, cluttered, disheveled, and disorganized, there’s a secret part of you that may be busy, cluttered, and disorganized. To change those inner parts as well as the outer parts, it’s so important to start with your workspace.

You spend the majority of your time in your workspace. If you don’t spend time in your office, it’s because it’s too cluttered, and you don’t want to be in there. When you have a nice office space, and it represents who you are, and it gives you a sense of luxury, it will encourage you to be in your office and to begin to work toward achieving greater things in your life.

In my Kate Spade area, I added a beautiful table and placed a glowing lamp on it. The lamp is so glitzy with such bling, and it speaks for who I am. I’m a glitz and bling girl. I added the table, backdrop pieces, the flowers, and the nesting boxes. I realized that, as a childcare boss and business owner, I deal with a lot of things little things that can cause clutter, from office supplies to personal items to books, magazines, and paperwork. I deal with so many items until they were just piling up on my desk. It began to look as if I were in a storage room and not in my office.

Andrea's Kate Spade Inspired Office Area
Andrea’s Kate Spade Inspired Office Area



I purchased nesting boxes to help me organize and compartmentalize items in my office. I have a box for my pens, one for my notepads, one for my journals, one for all of my small utensils and my snacks, and one for my books. I even have a box for my make-up for when I get ready to freshen up if I’m in the office, and I have a quick meeting. I have boxes that compartmentalize different areas of my office. It helps me to know where things are and to access things quickly, and it’s just really neat. Along with having these nesting boxes, I set up my eatery area in my office. If you run multiple childcare locations and you spend more than six hours a day in your business, you need a small eatery area.

My small eatery area has my teacup, my saucer, and my childcare boss mug. I have this beautiful mug that I love that has my initial on it, A for Andrea. Having this eatery area in my office keeps me refreshing myself with loads of water and plenty of tea to help me cleanse when needed and stay hydrated throughout my busy business day. Hydration has a lot to do with your happiness. If you have lots of fluid and your body is not dehydrated, you can move quicker, get more done, and you are able to stay more focused on your business.

Small Office Eatery Area
Small Office Eatery Area


Andrea Dickerson Office Eating Area
Andrea Dickerson Office Eating Area

My next area in my business is my beauty station area. That’s right. I have a beauty station in my office, and it’s so important for me to have it. Throughout the day, I’m doing so much paperwork, touching so many people, shaking hands, and I’m constantly running my hands under water because I’m dealing with children. My beauty area consists of some skin-replenishing items such as my Oil of Olay moisturizer, my Versace hand and body lotion, and my Versace showering gel.

I use these things as a way to freshen up a bit mid-day, especially during the summertime when it can get hot and muggy and you’re sweating. I just get a cleansing towel, blot my face, wipe my face, arms, and hands, and freshen up a bit with my Versace lotions and shower gel. I also use quick-drying hand sanitizer. Also on my beauty station is eye candy, which is my golden apple.

Beauty Station In My Childcare Office
Beauty Station In My Childcare Office




I realized one day that my vision and my goal were in my hand. It was that golden apple, so I put it in my beauty station area in my office. Also, next to my beauty station, is my acrylic container that has scratch sheets of paper, my stacks of business cards, and my Bible, and miscellaneous items for quick grasp. Under there are my nesting boxes that contain the different items that I spoke about before. You can see the Kate Spade inspiration in my office. It’s black and white, which is a Kate Spade inspiration. You can also see the flowers that come from Kate Spade. I did some DIY projects with my boxes. They were pink on the sides. I got some gold tape, and decorated my nesting boxes just to add the touch of Andrea in my office space.I love having an organized office space because there’s a lot of work that I have to do. 

I also have a conference room table that can host my meetings with my administrative team, and it also makes it easier for me to pack and ship out my orders. Just recently, we did a launch with the Big Boss Box. My conference room table was large enough to support the packing of the boxes so I could individually and personally pack each box and make sure that the items are in there and ready for all of my new read-along clients with the My Dream Childcare Life magazine.

Packing the boxes was so much fun and enjoyable for me because I got a chance to place my heart into what I’m doing in my business. This conference room space is large enough to accommodate my team. It’s clean, nice, and organized, and it makes running my business so much easier. As a childcare boss, I’ve got to have the right surroundings to support my goals and dreams. You should also have the right surroundings to support your goals and dreams, as well.



Andrea Packing Her BIG BOSS BOXX
Andrea Packing Her BIG BOSS BOXX










Then I have several other designer nesting boxes that are on my desk beside my Kate Spade acrylic carriers. I utilize my Kate Spade acrylic carriers under my computer desk, as well, for items that I’m working on now that need my attention and for things that are going to be coming up soon. On my desk I also have a DIY childcare boss desk mat. I wanted to be able to do work from my desk, looking down and gain inspiration instead of looking a boring calendar. I came up with the idea of placing a childcare boss gold mat on my desk. It really spoke for what I wanted to be positioned as in this industry, which is a boss. I put that on my desk, and it just really pops my desk, and brings it out.

My Desk Area







I love making sure that my space speaks for me and who I am. If you look around on my walls, you will see that I have My Dream Childcare Life, I Own a Daycare, Childcare Boss. You will also see my business planners that I use. Posting up information before me and tracking my information is so important, so I have my staff classroom manager poster and my enrollment tracker to help me make business decisions a lot easier and quicker in my business.




Inside my conference room, I also have my wall of children. My wall of children shows those who I have cared for throughout the years. They’ve taken pictures, and so we have The Rock, and we Akeba Academy. Each year, our enrollment grows, and so this wall of success and of children really speaks to me. You should have a place in your business, too, where you can organize and beautifully display the children that you’ve cared for.

IMG_1271I also keep my color-coded program binders in my conference room. All of my childcare acceleration clients receive my color-coding process for them to adapt and complete it in their business, as well.


Besides loving to decorate my office, I am a handbag girl. I needed a space in my office that not only catered to me, but also catered to my handbag. I noticed that I would put it in a drawer, or throw in on the floor, or sit it next to something. I thought, “If I’m going to invest in my office, I need to be sure that I have a place for my handbag.” I purchased a stump that I felt was really luxurious and nice. Even when I’m resting in my office and I want to prop my feet up, I can use this stump. I usually use this stump as a handbag holding space so that when I come into my office, I can just put my handbag on it and keep it off the floor, hidden out of sight.

Andrea's Office Handbag Area
Andrea’s Office Handbag Area

Next to the handbag stump are some more nesting boxes that contain all of my media, like cameras and things of that nature that I need to support our media that we have going on in our business. If you look at it, you’d never know what was in it because it gives my office a nice, clean look.

This is my office space. I hope that you have gleaned from me how to use inspiration from designers or whatever inspires you so you can begin to implement that into your business. When you do, you’ll feel more accomplished, and you’ll be excited about asking parents to enroll with you right away once they step into your office and see your beautiful office space. If you have enjoyed this blog post, and you’ve gained some information, leave a comment below, and let me know what you thought about today’s post.