Andrea Ignites Orlando With Large Groups

What a wild time we had at the Andrea Ignites Childcare Orland tour stop, Fill My Summer Enrollment Program. This year, for the Ignite tour stop, I decided to work based on a theme. I decided to give childcare business owners exactly what they will need in order to go back in their business and implement strategies right away.

Every tour stop offers a different strategy for the different season and different time of business in the childcare industry. I wanted the Ignite Tour Stop to be very specific, and to be very helpful for childcare business owners. It’s more than your normal motivational prosperity teaching. It’s practical, proven information for that season that childcare business owners are in in their business.

For example, when we first started our January Ignite Tour Stop, it was all about understanding how to set you goals for enrollment growth and using that goal for building your enrollment. Attendees discovered the power of setting your goals so that the full year can be manifested with clarity and focus based on the goals that you’ve set. However, this Tour Stop, in Orlando, was all about preparing for the summer enrollment.

We host our tour stops at least 60-30 days before t’s time to begin the marketing for that particular enrollment season comes in. For example childcare business owners are leaving all of our tour stops with the information to implement, right then, for that season. During the month of April, at this tour stop in Orlando, it’s all about having the right summer enrollment systems, and the summer enrollment marketing strategies so that you can improve your enrollment conversions and what you charge during the summer.

We have had so many testimonials of clients who have already begun booking new clients to enroll in their childcare business just from reading the emails and the blogposts that we’ve been putting out concerning summer enrollment and marketing. Many childcare business owners have admitted during the conference that they never thought about marketing their business on a system.

Andrea Ignites Tour Attendees

As America’s number one childcare success coach, and a leader in the childcare industry, through my own business practices I am showing childcare business owners how to market their business based on a system. Our system for the Ignite Tour Stop is to provide childcare business owners with information that they can use within the next 30 days that fits along with the season, the day, and times that we are in.


Our next tour stop is going to be in Philadelphia. It’s all about back-to-school enrollment because we all know during this time of the year is when parents begin to look for places for their children to go for after school, preschool enrollment, and then you also have your ongoing infant and toddler enrollment. I want to teach all childcare business owners who show up how to ignite their back-to-school enrollment and to start a waiting list for their childcare business even before it’s time to go back to school. I want to give you some of my strategies that I’ve used in my very own business to help me be a great success.

During the Ignite Tour Stop, so many people had a-ha moments that inspired them and motivated them to go back home and to implement the strategies right away. That’s the key for showing up. When you show up to environments, it’s a more powerful experience. You get what you need, in person, to ask me questions, to ask me what it is that you want to know about your childcare business, to have me answer you, to have me give you the missing keys to your future that will unlock unlimited possibilities for you.



When you show up to the Ignite tour stops, it’s just like you’re having a one-on-one conversation with me in your childcare business. I aim to give you the information and the motivation that you need to inspire you to succeed. At the Ignite tour stop, we had so many testimonials. Childcare business owners from all over experienced a shift and a breakthrough in their mindset, in their summer enrollment strategies, in how to manage your finances during the summer, how to save money during the summer, how to attract clients during the summer, and how to prepare their summer enrollment for an ongoing business opportunity for back to school.

If you follow me from tour stop to tour stop, by the end of this year I guarantee that you will know my full marketing strategy that I use in my business for every single year. That’s what I do with my Ignite tour stops. I’m teaching childcare business owners from the exact formula that I’ve used in my business, to where we’ve experienced overflow, and where we’ve experienced a multiplication in locations because of these marketing strategies that I share with you while you’re out on tour.

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