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y first experience in the childcare industry came by divine inspiration.  I had no childcare experience, no formal business experience, I had never walked into a childcare business before nor did I have children of my own.

But while in prayer, I asked God for his direction for my lie and clearly I heard the word, ‘Daycare.’  I immediately got started and moved confidently in the directions of my dreams.

When I started my first childcare I struggled with enrollment, business management and staffing. I had no idea how to successfully grow my childcare business.

Enrollment was dwindling in but not quite licensed for more than 200 children and I only had 60.  I was the driving force of my business.  I literally worked in every position of my business-from the front desk receptionist, after school bus driver, cook and occasionally I worked in the classroom as a substitute provider.  I left work every day feeling overwhelmed and tired.  The next day I’d start all over again – felling overwhelmed.

I needed relief.

Weak in faith and without guidance, I made a decision to sell that location. After giving birth to my first born, my passion to care for children intensified.  I realized it never left me so I began to pray again.

This time I had no money, my credit score was low and there was no one to go to for help.  I started with what I had and began babysitting for $10 per day.  As my baby-sitting services began to grow, I applied and obtained the license for family.

e continued to grow so I obtained the license for group. Then we grew to two groups and on to a large center.  I moved into two large facilities to care for over 160 children each day.

All of this happened in less than five years.

I had purpose, promise and passion but there was no payoff until I realized there was a better way to achieving childcare success.

Through many years of hard work through trial and error, I finally found the formula to grow my childcare business.  When I look at my wonderful life now, I realize it was determination and hard work that helped to build the childcare business of my dreams.  My income grew successfully from $10 per day to $3000 per day in my childcare business.  I created systems which make childcare easy. 

Today I am dedicated to sharing with others and want you to know – you too, can truly build a childcare business that generates wealth and happiness as you manage the childcare business you love!

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25 Fun Facts About  Andrea

I’m a self-starter. It really doesn’t make much for me to have a vision and to find a way to implement it. I believe this is the way I’ve been programmed. You will learn more about my life and the things I don’t talk much about by continuing to read this list. Being a self-starter, to me, is one of the most critical qualities that you must have as a childcare business owner. When you own your own business, no one tells you when it’s time to go to the next level. You will feel the leap inside of you and you’ll just go. Always strive to be a self-starter where you’ll get things done without being told.

Before owning my own childcare business, I never had any childcare experience. I had never worked in a childcare program before. I had never worked with childcare business owners or had any kids of my own. I don’t think I was even babysitting before my first opportunity came, but I took on the challenge of owning and operating a childcare business. I believe that I heard the Lord speak to me in prayer to do daycare.

I enjoyed butter pecan ice cream so much until I customized my own ice cream called Andrea’s Big Dreams Cream. It’s a sweet treat that I give out to my team members every once and a while when we’re having a celebration. My Andrea’s Big Dream Cream is delicious.

I was born ready. My mom says that she didn’t have me on her scheduled due date. She says that one day she went to a Valentine’s Day party and thought she had a stomach cramp from eating too much. It wasn’t a stomach cramp. It was me. She said to me, “You came when you were ready.” That’s why I say, “You don’t have get ready if you stay ready.” I was born ready.

My favorite quote is, “If you manage the childcare business you love, you’ll love the childcare business you manage.” If you don’t find yourself truly enjoying waking up every day with enthusiasm and motivation to go to your childcare business, somewhere down the line you’ve lost your love for it. You lose your love when you don’t have the right management systems in place. Who wouldn’t love a business that was organized to accommodate them?

I love marketing. I think it’s so fun. If you look through some of the videos of me out on my marketing blitz or doing marketing presentation tables, I’m having so much fun. This is why childcare doesn’t feel like work to me. Marketing my business isn’t work at all. It’s truly a pleasure. It’s a pleasure because I know I’m delivering a solution to someone’s life. When I deliver the solution it will change their world completely. I love knowing that I’m a game-changer.

I wrote my first book the hard way. I had to wear shades because I looked at the computer screen too long typing my book. Now I show my clients how to do it the easy way. I can show you how to create a book in less than 30 minutes.

I will keep kids for $10/day. I know that’s a low amount to charge, but at this point in my life I won’t let anything stop me.

I built my business off very low funds. I wanted my childcare vision to come to pass so badly. I worked in my childcare business during the day and sold cookie dough to all my dad’s friends and family members. I sold cookie dough to my pastor, the teachers, and anybody who had two legs, two arms, two eyes, a nose, a mouth, and warm blood running through their veins. I even had a friend have her children help me sell cookie dough.

I guess you could say this goes along with number nine, but it’s such a great point I decided to let it stand on its own. I wouldn’t even let my husband stop me from opening up a childcare business of my dreams. There were times when he didn’t want me to stay late or he wouldn’t help me put things together. As you can see, I was a self-starter so I didn’t need anyone to help me put my shelves or cribs together. It would have been easier, but I took on the challenge and did what I had to do to see my childcare goals and dreams become a reality.

I love hosting kid-friendly events. Hosting kid-friendly events brings out the child in me. It helps keep me balanced and provides an outlet for my son where we can enjoy fun times together. Creating memories is what childcare is all about.

 I dropped out of school in the 8th grade, got my GED and went straight to college. Now I’m a certified program administrator and a certified curriculum specialist. This is why I pride myself on creating my own proprietary systems in my childcare business. Once I graduated from college I knew I was equipped with the skillset necessary to have my own systems and to teach as I believe.

I’m a pure genius. No, really, I know that I am operating in my God-given talent rather than anything that was taught to me or any formal training. What I do as a childcare coach and childcare business owner has truly been God-given. It is a gift. I received it and I operate in it every day. It’s just like Christmas. You always have a gift under the tree during Christmastime, but if you never open it and utilize the gift that was given to you, it’s meaningless. I don’t allow anyone to try to stop me, break me down, or makes me think twice about my gift. I feel like it’s Christmas every day when I wake up. I go under the tree and open my gift and put it to work.

I’ve struggled with hiring and managing staff, but having systems in place really helps me support my decisions and continuously grow my business. It helps me so much I created a workbook about it, entitled Hiring and Retaining the Right Early Childhood Staff.

andrea dickersonI don’t have a favorite book. I thought it’d be cool to list it because most people list their favorite books. I’m a bit different and don’t have a favorite book. One thing I do know is that I read a book every day. Most of the books I read are business oriented, mindset shifting, and marketing books. I guess you could say I’m a self-taught self-starter, and self-created millionaire.

My favorite foods are fried chicken with Jiffy mix cornbread and buttered rice with collard greens. I know what you’re thinking, “What does this have to do with childcare? This is too much information.” Well, I thought I’d share it because these are 25 things you don’t know about me.

I grew up in a foster care system without my sisters, my mom, or my dad. I practically grew up without knowing my family, but I don’t let the obstacles of my past stop me. I take it and keep moving forward to achieve my childcare dreams and goals. Sometimes you think where you start is where you’ll finish, but I don’t believe it’s where you start that determines your end. I do believe that you’ve got to start somewhere in order to get to where you want to be. Maybe you can be like me and start babysitting. If you look at your past, it doesn’t mean you’re going to turn into a statistic. What it means is that you’ve been given a gift and an opportunity to make a difference in your life and in the life of someone else.

I grew up pretty stubborn. I think that’s why I’m so successful. I’m so focused on my goals and dreams I can still see a little bit of stubbornness in me.

My income began to increase by thousands of dollars in my childcare business and my personal life when I started upgrading my image. I took more interest in my hair, nails, toes, and what I wore. I also saw an increase when I upgraded my home environment, my office space, my work area, and my classrooms in my childcare program. I began to see a major increase in my life and business because I decided to make upgrades.

I had to reprogram my mind to get out of poverty. Instead of looking at how much I have left, I look at how much I can make.

I love childcare so much that I plan my week on Sunday evenings. After a good nap, I wake up and plan out my week. I even pick out my clothes so I can be clear about what I’m going to wear each and every day. ‘

I love to win. I’m not saying losing isn’t a part of winning, but I am saying that when I do win, I cherish the fact that I worked hard to achieve it.

I’m not afraid to invest to better myself. One client once asked me, “Andrea, how did you make such a quick transition? I’ve seen your videos and I’ve watched how fast you’ve grown.” One of the reasons I’ve grown so fast is because I’m not afraid to take care of myself. One of the things I always say is, “Treat yourself so you don’t cheat yourself.” You’ve got to have a level of luxury in your life so you always charge what you’re worth.

I’m a fast thinker because I understand that money is attracted to speed. Whenever I am presented with an opportunity to help me change my life and business, I don’t consult, pray, fast, or do the things most people do. I respect it, but I understand that if I seek another level of my life, when the opportunity presents itself, to take it. One thing a wise coach has told me is, “God doesn’t repeat himself.” Once He gives you the instructions on what to do, take heed and do it. Why? Because money is attracted to speed.

hese are the 25 things I believe have caused me to grow and take my life and business to the next level. It has helped me succeed in leaps and bounds.

Another principle that I live by is that I create marketing channel goals. A marketing channel is where I decide to improve my message in a particular way, for instance, video. I sit in front of my video camera when I create my YouTube videos. I became bored with just sitting there and talking so I made a goal to improve my videos by adding behind-the-scenes clips. If you’ve ever watched my parent review guide video, you’ve seen my actual classrooms and heard me talking about the exercises.

If you’re a member of my Jumpstart Academy Program, you will see the videos of me explaining how and why things are the way they are in my childcare business. I was only able to achieve this because I decided that I was going to improve in a particular marketing channel. I challenged myself. No one taught me Facebook, YouTube, or how to use online marketing strategies. I pick one online marketing channel and challenge myself to utilize it until I become great at it. By becoming great, it helps me to continuously offer creative ways of marketing my childcare business and coaching services.

I use my marketing calendar planner, which is included with your magazine, to help me focus on improving in certain areas of my marketing channel. It helps me to select which channel I want to use, and to create a marketing message for that channel. When I used the word “channel” it means the vehicle or service I’m using to deliver a message.

I provide blueprints at every tour stop that I’ve ever created. I understand the power of blueprinting. Blueprinting is where you have a systematic way of thinking to reach a desired outcome. It’s where you can use images and write things down. On my blueprints, I take you step by step through strategies to help you get to your desired outcome from building a big business to marketing your business, to designing your life around a childcare business you love. I’m always creating new and exciting blueprints on every tour stop to help you achieve your ultimate goal. It’s so important that you have a step by step system when planning. My blueprints help me to achieve that.

If you haven’t met me on tour, definitely get your tour tickets and meet me in the upcoming locations. Go to to get the information on where we’ll be. I look forward to seeing you live and in person.

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    You story is so inspiring to me. I am currently a full time single mom and full time public school teacher. For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to be a successful childcare owner. I usually hear negative things like it won’t work or your going to stop teaching for that. Along with a list of other things. I am currently enrolled in your 5 week mentoring program and I must say I it is truly giving me the confidence I need. Thank you!

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      Thank you! Jameelah! I am excited to see what this year will bring you as you begin to step out on your goals and dreams. Thanks for joining the course!

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